Lead to Impact

Lead to Impact

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It's In You to Win

When I talk about winning, I am not talking about keeping score like in a basketball game or your favorite board game, but I am speaking of living out the vision God designed for your life. It is easy to get so overwhelmed with the daily grind of life that you cast your visions aside.

You work forty-plus hours a week and you still cannot get ahead. You try to do the right things to take progressive steps forward, but it seems something always happens to stall your efforts or push you back five steps. At the end of the day, you are left disappointed, discouraged and depleted.

It’s In You to Win™ contains thirty–one easy-to-read daily motivational messages that will encourage, equip and empower you to tap into what’s inside of you and live to win. If you are serious about living a winning life, these thirty-one daily motivational messages will help you take your life and those connected to you to another dimension.

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