Lead to Impact

Lead to Impact

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Lead UP!

Lead UP!; Equipping Today’s Youth to Lead with Impact contains 10 short, easy-to-read motivational messages that will encourage, equip and empower young people to lead with impact. Each chapter contains introspective questions to help young people formulate a working plan to live their best lives.

Many of today’s youth desire to experience victory in life. They want to make a contribution to the world that makes an impact and leaves a lasting impression. The problem is they can allow the divisive voices of others, the distractions of today’s social media, the diversion of life’s busyness and the discontentment of the world’s bitterness, to keep them from living their best life.

It is possible for young people to live life in a way that makes them feel alive and adds value to the lives of others. This book is all about what it takes to lead to impact.It requires commitment, consistency and courage.

If you are a tired of seeing young people forfeit their future, living below average, losing when they should be winning, following instead of leading or falling into the same tired ruts over and over again, then Lead UP! is the right tool.

This book does not promise a magical formula or an easy path to success but it gives timeless ingredients for achieving success.

Lead UP! is a great resource for mentoring programs, high school leadership initiatives, youth ministry and parents, teachers, grandparents, youth leaders or coaches who want to see young people live at maximum capacity.

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